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com•fort•a•ble (kumftə bəl, kumfər tə bəl),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. (of clothing, furniture, etc.) producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease: a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes.
  2. being in a state of physical or mental comfort;
    contented and undisturbed;
    at ease: to be comfortable in new shoes; I don't feel comfortable in the same room with her.
  3. (of a person, situation, etc.) producing mental comfort or ease;
    easy to accommodate oneself to or associate with: She's a comfortable person to be with.
  4. more than adequate or sufficient: a comfortable salary.
  5. [Obs.]cheerful.

  1. [Chiefly Northern U.S.]a quilted bedcover;
comfort•a•ble•ness, com′fort•a•bili•ty, n. 
comfort•a•bly, adv. 


syn•o•nym (sinə nim),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language, as joyful, elated, glad.
  2. a word or expression accepted as another name for something, as Arcadia for pastoral simplicity; metonym.
  3. one of two or more scientific names applied to a single taxon.
syn′o•nymic, syn′o•nymi•cal, adj. 


com•fort (kumfərt),USA pronunciation v.t. 
  1. to soothe, console, or reassure;
    bring cheer to: They tried to comfort her after her loss.
  2. to make physically comfortable.
  3. [Obs.]to aid;
    support or encourage.

  1. relief in affliction;
    solace: Her presence was a comfort to him.
  2. a feeling of relief or consolation: Her forgiveness afforded him great comfort.
  3. a person or thing that gives consolation: She was a great comfort to him.
  4. a cause or matter of relief or satisfaction: The patient's recovery was a comfort to the doctor.
  5. a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants, with freedom from pain and anxiety: He is a man who enjoys his comfort.
  6. something that promotes such a state: His wealth allows him to enjoy a high degree of comfort.
  7. [Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S.]a comforter or quilt.
  8. [Obs.]strengthening aid;
comfort•less, adj. 

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